Who We Are

We created Wholly Liquid™ because we were tired of having to read the label of every supplement we heard was “so good for you”, only to discover that they were all full of low-quality ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives, and more. When we realized that there were others just like us who felt the same way, we decided to take thingsinto our own hands and develop quality products that we can be proud to share with the world.

With the help and research of doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and other like-minded health professionals, we realized that sourcing high-quality ingredients were only half the battle and that we needed to address a major flaw in the process; the process itself! We’re happy to say that we figured that part out as well. To learn more about the science,click here

Made Here

Quality means everything to us, from the ingredients we source, to our manufacturing process and the packaging to ensure that our products reach your doorstep safely. That’s why every one of our products are made in the USA under strict supervision, stored in a climate-controlled environment, and shipped from our own facility. We’re in control of our products every step of the way because we don’t take chances with our health, or yours.



Your body needs nutrients to regenerate and rebuild tissue. The quality of those nutrients can be critically important to ensure that the speed and quality of your body's tissue recovery is at its highest potential.

When it comes to absorption, we believe that it's equally important that the supplements you put into your body are as close to real food as possible. If the nutrients in your supplements are able to maintain their living properties, they can be more capable of absorption into the cells of the body, where they can provide the most benefit. Simple, right?



Research has shown that there is a strong likelihood that the vitamins and minerals obtained through today's food sources are not sufficient to maintain a healthy, regenerative system. This problem has led millions of people to turn to supplementation to help fill the gap in their nutritional needs. Unfortunately, many supplement users are taking products that they hope are well-developed but are actually made with poor quality ingredients using damaging processes, ultimately providing little, if any value to the consumer.



Simply put, Living foods are more nutritionally valuable to the body than dead foods. Therefore, the closer a supplement is to resembling real, living food, the more nourishing those nutrients may be to the body.

What determines if nutrients are living? Their polarization. Every living cell is polarized; This means that they have negatively charged ions called electrons. When negatively charged (ionized) vitamins and minerals make contact with a living cell, an "open-door" is created, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed. Living nutrients have a significantly higher chance of being absorbed into the cells when compared to 'dead' nutrients. The argument can be made that dead nutrients possess very little, if any, potential for absorption, therefore, reducing their ability to provide any benefit.



Nutrition ensures that the organs of the body and the immune and nervous systems are being strengthened, while getting what they need to function and regenerate at their full potential. This is attainable by obtaining the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics as well as antioxidants and essential fats through a combination of diet and supplementation.